How to Create the Best Web Developer Resume

How to Create the Best Web Developer Resume

There are many available jobs for web developers. However, to land a future interview and get your desirable position, you need to build a strong web developer resume. Send it together with your cover letter. If you choose this career path, a perfect resume gives you a high chance to get hired by the company where you want to work. Creating a good one isn’t an easy task. Read this helpful guide with effective tips to write the best web developer resume, impress recruiters, and secure job interviews.

What makes this resume different?

Web developers are experts in information technology who create and design websites for all kinds of corporate and personal settings. They use different technologies and programming languages. Their responsibility is to maintain sites to guarantee usability. Make sure that your web developer resume contains a full list of relevant skills because there are many platforms, programming languages, and top tools available to design a website.

A career objective or a professional summary?

Should you include your career objective or professional summary? The latter one provides hiring managers with a brief overview of you as a candidate and encourages them to read other resume sections. It’s advisable to write your career objective only if you’re applying for entry-level jobs in web development or you have no experience and a client base.

What is it all about? Feel free to write a few sentences to explain your passion, qualifications, and other things that you can bring to company management. None of these resume sections should be about your personality. Your basic goal is to impress target readers. You need to include quantifiable data to show them how you benefited previous employers with your work, talents, and accomplishments.

Resume writing tips for web developers

  • Use creative ways to get through to recruiters;
  • Don’t overlook the content and quality of your online identity;
  • Grow and expand your networking skills;
  • Prepare for a long job search;
  • Follow up in a timely manner.

What to include in your web developer resume?

To structure your resume properly, use a helpful template to cover important elements:

  • List and describe your skills;
  • Talk about your work experience;
  • View your education;
  • Consider key phrases and formatting.

List and describe your skills

When applying for technical positions in web development, create a strong skill section instead of including all of your abilities in a resume summary. How to do that properly? Don’t sacrifice its readability. Make this resume section comprehensive and easy to follow by organizing all the technical skills that you have into special categories, including PDF, JavaScript, customer communication, etc. Make it easy for potential employers to scan your web developer resume and get a better chance for interviews:

  • Focus only on your exceptional abilities;
  • Look at a job description to choose the skills that fit;
  • Be clear and honest about yourself;
  • When you put more skills, specify your experience in them;
  • Avoid grading or rating yourself.

What are important technical and non-technical skills? A web developer resume is usually one page long, so you need to include only major technical skills, such as:

  • Networks and computer systems;
  • Programming languages;
  • Your knowledge of web creation apps.

Don’t forget to mention important non-technical skills, including human-computer interaction, marketing, user-interface design, and others. Many employers increasingly require them.

Talk about your work experience

This resume section makes it clear that you have the ability to address all kinds of issues and challenges that you face. When describing your work experience in a separate section, keep it relevant and support it with numbers and relevant career accomplishments. Use a matching online resume sample. For example, if you led the team creating e-commerce apps, demonstrate major outcomes instead of simply stating this fact to show recruiters that you can produce results.

List your work experience from recent jobs to your first position, but it’s not necessary to add previous occupations over 15 years ago if you have extensive work history in web development. Summarize your key responsibilities. Use bullet points and brief descriptions.

Mention your education

In this section of your web developer resume, list your degree, training, certificates, educational institution, its location, and other relevant details. Specify the courses related to web development, like computer science. Tell a story and use many action verbs. Many employers and recruiters prefer candidates with a degree and formal training with the coursework that covers computer and Internet security.

Use keywords in your web developer resume

Technology advancements help hiring managers to find perfect candidates through special tracking systems based on a simple keyword search. Adjust your web developer resume according to key phrases. Keep it current by adding new abilities or skills and look at a job description to find a keyword.

Web developer resume formatting advice

It’s challenging to decide what to leave out, what to include, and what order to use in your web developer resume. Include your contacts, summary, skills, education, and experience. Add your social media profiles and interests if you have enough space and they’re relevant to a specific position. There are different ways to format your resume. Most web developers choose a reverse chronological format because it allows them to put recent jobs first to reflect who they are.

Web Developer Resume Example

Adam West

200 West Commonwealth Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832

(714) 463-7533

[email protected]

Web Developer with 8 years of experience in designing and developing user interfaces, testing, debugging, and training staff within eCommerce technologies. Proven ability in optimizing web functionality that improve data retrieval and workflow efficiencies.



Web DeveloperMay 2010 – Present

Skills & Tools: PHP, PERL, Access, Oracle, .NET, CSS

  • Revamped web application security applications, minimizing hacker attacks from 2.3% to 0.02%
  • Designed and developed user-friendly website, including optimized check-out page that increased user clicks, and subsequently customer purchases by 20%
  • Trained over 50 staff members in internal web functions, including steps on how to independently make minor updates or changes
  • Fixed bugs from existing websites and implemented enhancements that significantly improved web functionality and speed


Web DeveloperJun 2007 – Apr 2010

Skills & Tools: ASP, SQL, JavaScript, Visual Basic, XML, C#, Ajax, HTML

  • Developed dynamic and interactive website that ensured high traffic, page views, and User Experience, resulting in 40% increase in sales revenue
  • Oversaw full lifecycle of software development for 9 projects with 100% on time delivery while staying 5% under budget
  • Implemented server that expedited document generation and search functionality by 20%, earning commendation and award from upper management
  • Designed processes for cleanup and performance improvement, that minimized downtime by 13%



Bachelor of Science in Web Development

  • GPA: 3.6 / 4.0


  • Proficient in WordPress, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop
  • Ability to communicate with cross-functional teams
  • Certified Java Programmer

How To Write A Resume Objective For An Entry Level Web Developer

So you are a new entrant in the tech industry and would like to create a stunning web developer resume. But as a newbie without any experience, how do you go about doing that?

Well, the trick is pretty simple. Major hiring managers and companies such as Facebook and Twitter prefer resumes that start off with a career objective. This shows that you are ready to work for measurable wins at the front-end and hence bring value to the organization or business. 

How To Write A Resume For A Web Developer With No Experience

Employers always prefer an incumbent with relevant experience. So if you are a newbie, then don’t go listing “eager to learn” in your web developer resume templates.

Instead start creating an experience by taking part in online hackathons, doing freelance projects on coding and contributing to open source forums. Doing so can give you the stuff to put on your resume that’ll resonate with the employer.

Final words

Although there are many available positions for web developers, you have no guarantees to get a good and high-paying job. Applicants need effective resumes and cover letters. Write an impressive web developer resume to demonstrate your qualifications and prove that you’re a perfect candidate for hiring managers, using these 4 important elements for application.

If you find this task hard to complete, turn to reputable professionals with positive reviews from their previous clients. Get web developer resume assistance online.