One Page Resume Benefits and Exceptional Features

One Page Resume Benefits and Exceptional Features

Before submitting resume, imagine a person who deals with a bunch of received resumes. This professional human resources specialist watches through hundreds of resumes every day to find the best applicant for offered job position. Does it take long to read CV? With limited amount of time, HR specialist tries to check numerous pages filled with applicant’s professional skills, previous job positions and relevant work experience in one minute. He appreciates one page resume. Additional space in never an advantage. Having only few minutes to impress potential employer, short and concise employment record remains premium option. Learn how to write it short.

Why Should A Resume Be One Page?

Most of authoritative employers and professionals prefer one page resume to other types of employment records. This kind of curriculum vitae is beneficial. Performing an application, recently graduated college or university students tend to write long impressive CV putting useless information and data into numerous pages. Every clever manager sees familiar resumes incorrect. Applicants should prefer one page resume to get wanted vacant position, impress potential employer.

There is a list of advantages and exceptional features one page resume offers:

  1. Clear and concise summary of top achievements;
  2. It remains more approachable, memorable;
  3. It highlights exceptional skills, talents, personal traits.

Every company has various requirements. Hiring a specialist for vacant position includes long selection process of perfect person with needed skills and talents. Following these exceptional requirements means trying to find desired job and get higher career position. It requires extra talents and knowledge. Candidates may use two-page curriculum vitae, since single page CV has following disadvantages in the following cases:

  1. It does not show every job detailed feature, and duties;
  2. Unsuitable for vacancies that require 10+ years of experience.

Should a resume be one page? Recruiters prefer single page CV to other types of employment records offering numerous job positions. Ask yourself what CV type is the most suitable for you, and you will find a clear answer. Now, learn writing one-page curriculum vitae.

How to Make Resume One Page Easily

Successful future career greatly depends on professional CV and understandable summary of personal achievements. To reach high career levels, be clear. This advice is useful for every specialist. You may add a huge number of personal achievements, exceptional traits, obtained previous job positions, school triumphs; these countless words will bring failure. Professional recruiters tend to find clever applicants. Leaving reserved place or pages for extra information, listed data makes your CV less readable and approachable. One page is enough for perfect resume. Applying for a job, focus on content. Read first what skills, knowledge potential employer seeks to find and start writing your one-page resume. Be free to outline your best achievements.

Discover main tips from Coursera and EdX tutors how to make resume one page:

  • Divide your CV into separate sections
  • Use records with relevant design
  • Modify your employment record
  • Shorten main points, achievements
  • Avoid long sentences, unclear words
  • Focus on your top professional triumphs
  • Shorten education section in record
  • Avoid using simple MS Word templates
  • Avoid references in one page CV
  • Use proper formatting style, etc.

Creative formatting is an essential part. Using numerous columns allows fitting a lot of information and data into a one page resume. Resume builder may help with formatting. A great record is one page CV with outlined achievements. Making good one page resume, be sure to provide better content and key points; making it longer will bring only disappointment. Use enough time to prepare perfect one-page resume.


One Page Resume Key Points to Keep

Numerous online tutorials offer various tips to perform one-page curriculum vitae. The writing process is long and tiresome. It requires enough time to list numerous top achievements, avoiding useless information, wrong data or unneeded topics. Cover your professional background. Applicants have all the right to skip unserviceable, repeated information, like in case with address, leaving your email address to contact.

High school achievements are good for recently graduated. If you have spend a lot of time working on various positions, places, avoid mentioning high school triumphs. Information about old jobs or work experience that is not relevant to one you tend to reach now should be skipped. Leave off references. You are the person who can represent yourself with own knowledge, professional skills, talents.

Writing about job duties, give the most detailed shortened description evading long sentences and undistinguishable structures. Your one page resume remains a menu for employer. He needs to check titles and short descriptions to choose whether he likes the order or not.

Professional writers know many great ways to explain personal achievements, job experience and exceptional talents putting it into one page of high-quality resume. They divide one-page resume into special sections. Mentioned sections include job experience, education, personal achievements, exceptional features and leadership skills. Proper formatting is crucial.

It is better to write flawless one-page resume with requested detailed than submitting several pages with story of your life written with mistakes or inaccuracies. Long sentences and unclear words ruin work. Avoid using simple MS Word templates and listing numerous references on pages of curriculum vitae.

Authoritative employers and professional writers prefer one page resume to other types of submitted employment records. This kind of resume is beneficial. Performing a submission, recently graduated college students tend to write long and impressive CV putting unusable information and data into several lengthy pages. Clever manager perceives familiar resumes incorrect. Applicants should prefer one page CV to get wanted vacant position and impress potential employer. This outstanding resume type brings success. Learn to put your job experience, education details, personal achievements, exceptional features and leadership skills into one single page to be a successful applicant.