Resume Words Will Help You Achieve Goals Successfully

Resume Words Will Help You Achieve Goals Successfully

It is not a secret that a well-written resume is a key to success. Of course, it is not enough to have a good resume to be approved for a job. Usually, employers invite applicants for an interview, after which a decision is taken whether to hire a candidate or not. However, you will get such an invitation only if the company's HR likes your resume. To make it attractive, you should know which resume words to include.

It is the first step you should make if you want to get a well-paid job. Today's job market is very competitive. In order to persuade the potential employer that you're the best one for this vacancy, you need to include powerful resume words, which will help you stand out. What are the best words to use in a resume? Keep on reading to find out how to make your resume shine.

What are resume action words and why should you include them?

It is not difficult to guess that action is opposite to passive. What is the main goal of writing a resume? To demonstrate your strong points avoiding any weak verbs. You should be careful when choosing words to use in a resume. You have only one chance to make the first impression on your potential employer. So, think twice before writing something. How many words should a resume be? Usually, it is 600-800 words. Not that much! So, each word is valuable.

It is necessary to select words in the resume carefully. We have decided to help and prepared strong resume words you can use. They will help you to get inspired and tell about the most important things in your resume. Have a look at the examples of good resume words and phrases below.

When writing about work experience use such phrases as

  • developed the project
  • solved the problem
  • planned work in advance
  • increased sales by x%, increased department performance
  • led a team of x people
  • researched the market
  • designed a sales scheme
  • expanded the client base
  • systematized knowledge, rules, information about the project
  • engaged in the adaptation of new employees
  • interacted with government agencies
  • reduced production costs

As you can see from the list above, all the action words for resume help understand how a person has contributed to the company's development. You are recommended to include many active verbs, which demonstrate your personal achievements and the results of your work.

Resume power words: How to make a positive impression on an employer?

You should not tell a lot about yourself: employers perceive this point ambiguously. Some admire seeing the knowledge of a rare language, others tense up and wonder why you need this language. Just show your employer that you have a life outside of work, and it affects your work positively. What does it mean? A good impression of your personal profile is guaranteed if you use phrases showing that you are an active person. These are strong words to use in a resume when telling about your personality:

  • I am an active team player — I have been doing amateur football for 4 years.
  • I participate in a volunteer project.
  • I make new acquaintances easily.
  • I constantly improve my qualifications.

Power words for resume are a must!

What are resume key words: Definition + examples

Resume keywords can be defined as specific words, which differ from profession to profession. They are intended to give a clear picture of the main skills and competencies needed for a certain position. For each profession, different skills are required. If you are an accountant, then focus on attention and accuracy in work. If you are a manager, talk about management, planning, and compliance with plans. If you are a creative worker, provide a portfolio, list the techniques you use.

Check the example of strong words describing your skills if you want to get the position of a manager.

  • strategic thinking, the ability to plan for several years ahead
  • the ability to prioritize
  • critical thinking
  • the ability to defend my point of view
  • communication skills (networking)
  • multitasking
  • an ability to motivate
  • customer focus

Words not to use in a resume if you don’t want to spoil an impression

Are you sure that your personal profile does not work against you? Wonder how is this possible? After all, you've included all the important information on your experience, education, and skills. But it turns out that one can overdo it: it is better to avoid some popular words and expressions in a resume since they cause negative emotions among recruiters. You have already checked examples of the words to use on a resume sheet.

Here is a list of stop words for resume, which you'd rather remove from your list so that they do not hold back your fast-moving career.

  1. Sociable. “I am sociable, find a common language with the team easily”. Delete this phrase! If you are a manager who raised sales by 30%, this fact is enough to evaluate your interpersonal skills.
  2. Work for the result. Is it possible to work differently? No one wants to solve meaningless tasks. This is not a skill, but a statement that says nothing to the recruiter. You should either avoid saying it or prove your words.
  3. Hardworking/assiduous. If you really spend lunchtime at work and finish reports after the end of the working day, it is not an advantage. It is the first sign of having problems with time management: you do not fit into the working time and will be constantly tired.
  4. I know MS Office. Seriously? It's cool that you can do PowerPoint presentations, edit documents in Word and embed formulas in Excel. But these skills are owned by each graduate. It is not the skill that can help you stand out.
  5. Recommendations on request. No one will waste time on calls to hear the above words from your supervisor. Either do not complicate the work of the recruiter and specify the recommendations immediately or do not write anything.
  6. Guru/Expert. Perhaps, you really understand your industry, but it’s better to avoid any evaluations. You have already included your work experience. Let the recruiter judge for himself/herself how talented and professional you are. Your duties will tell the recruiter more than the loud “expert”.
  7. The phrase “I am the best/I can do everything” is one of those you should definitely avoid. There is nothing better than a candidate who can and can do a lot, but at the stage of employment, there is a need for specifics: what exactly can the applicant do? The professional personnel manager wants to make a conclusion about the uniqueness and high quality of the candidate on his or her own. So, let him or her take this opportunity.

Ask professionals to craft a perfect resume

“What words to use in a resume?” If you find it difficult to select the words to use in resume, entrust this to professionals. A team of talented custom writers will help you create an impressive personal profile that will hook the recruiter. Some people think that writing a CV is just about filling out the field named “Education”, “Work experience”, etc. In reality, it is much more. A resume is the so-called story of your progress, achievements, goals, aspirations, and plans.

If you lack time to create a high-quality resume, the best solution is to order it from specialists who know all the good words to use in a resume, resume buzz words, and words that should be avoided. Write an excellent resume with expert assistance and increase your chances to be approved for several times.