Creating a Successful LinkedIn Summary: Tips and Examples

Creating a Successful LinkedIn Summary: Tips and Examples

Many people use LinkedIn to find a job. Do you know some important moments that can help to increase your chances to be hired? Some users usually do not pay a lot of attention to the section "about" (the LinkedIn summary). Whether you promote your business through LinkedIn, looking for a good job, or make your brand, this section is quite important to fill properly. 

In the LinkedIn profile summary, you can write around 300-350 words to add your profile personality and make other people turn their attention on you. The main goal of this section is to tell your career story, optimize your job search, and make others view your LinkedIn profile.  

Why a Good LinkedIn Summary Makes Difference

There are millions of users on LinkedIn, and you have to set your profile apart from others with a great summary. Even if you already customized your profile with a professional photo, and wrote details on your education and work experience, leaving the summary empty is a big mistake. You can miss a lot of opportunities with a blank summary section. 

Your LinkedIn summary is the first thing others see when they view your profile. It's like a business card that includes your full name, photo, headline, recent company, information about education, and your contacts. On both desktop and mobile versions, this section is placed above to find and view it easily without scrolling down. When people view your LinkedIn profile, they see the first 300 words of your summary. 

If we compare LinkedIn with other networks, it's possible to see it has an expectation of professionalism from all the participants. LinkedIn summary lets you add some personality to your profile. With this section, you can tell potential colleagues and employers about who you are and what your goals are. Here you can share your interests like your motivation or professional accomplishments. 

Another important issue is your LinkedIn summary content affects the results when recruiter managers are searching for suitable resumes on LinkedIn. Of course, the summary isn't as important here as the job titles or a headline, but it still can help you to raise your profile above other candidates. As you can see, the LinkedIn summary can increase your profile's visibility and open new opportunities. 

Needless to say, if you need help in writing a good summary section for your LinkedIn profile, our team of professional resume writers can help you without wasting time!

How to Write a LinkedIn Summary to Result in a Job

Here, we want to share some useful and effective tips on writing a successful LinkedIn summary:

  • Make a strong beginning. LinkedIn shows only about 300 characters in your summary. Write a creative beginning that will invite your readers to view more. Make a great start with answering questions about what sets you apart from other candidates, how you usually reach results, and why you love your work.
  • Use the Optimization LinkedIn tool. All recruiters search candidates using certain keywords. With an optimization tool, you can compare your profile with the three most relevant profiles on this job, and see what important keyword you have missed in your summary. This will increase your chances to be founded by recruiters.
  • Add some personal details. Make your summary unique and personal. Tell about your interests and goals in life, ambitions, and principles.
  • Write about your career. Tell a short story about your work experience. This section must show yourself as a responsible and hard-working employee who knows what they want from work and life.
  • Mention your accomplishments. Remember that hiring managers pay a lot of attention to the candidate's goals. Mention your greatest accomplishments on past jobs, and write about your goals for the future.
  • Use the full character limit. Don't make your summary shorter if there is still some space to write more. Remove unnecessary details if your LinkedIn summary exceeds the limit and add some important things if there is still a possibility to write more.
  • Make the summary readable. Add bullet points to keep things well-organized. Don't write too long paragraphs to make the reader focused on what they read.
  • Write a "call to action" at your summary's end. Write about you will be glad to answer all the suitable proposals from recruiters to show your interest in getting a new job.

We hope these tips will help you to create a good LinkedIn summary. If you're still not sure you can write a successful section for your profile, ask our qualified experts in resume writing to help you.

LinkedIn Summary and About Section Examples

Below, you can view three successful examples of LinkedIn summaries:

Example A

Dani, an HR specialist.

I became a recruiter because I wanted to help people in finding a good job for them. Plus, I need to be a part of a great process when a company finds new employees who can grow up and make some great things inside. Over my career, I have hired hundreds of people for well-known companies, including Google, Apple, and Facebook. I want to continue and improve my career in this direction. My biggest goal is to become a coach for other recruiters who want to improve their skills.

Example B

Michael, a designer

I am a freelance graphic designer to deliver engaging and creative solutions to those people who want to add some individuality to their business, brand, product, etc. In 2017, I won a GDP award, this was my greatest accomplishment in my career. You can view my work in the Creative blog and Design Magazine. I have all the needed skills to make a creative and stunning project for your needs. If you're looking for a talented and creative designer, please feel free to get in touch with me. 

Example C

Jeremy, software engineer

I am a responsible and detail-oriented software engineer with 12 years of experience in programming. During my work, I have completed many projects for companies like Amazon, Twitter, and many other well-known employers. My skills in PHP programming allow me to create various applications and websites, including web stores and special programs for your needs. If you need my help with your project, please contact me ASAP.