How to Make a Perfect Job Description for a Successful Resume?

How to Make a Perfect Job Description for a Successful Resume?

A well-composed type of resume job description is not just a list of jobs; it is a brief history of your work life. It should be treated seriously enough to make every manager believe you. This vital part of a resume can affect your career dramatically. If you want to succeed, learn how to highlight your skills, how to present information properly, what details to include and how to impress an employer.

Read this article and just in five minutes, you will enrich your experience and value for every company hiring. The first part is concentrated on standard sections of a job description to be presented in every resume.

How to Present a Job Title?

This is an essential part of your resume. These peculiarities can be found in a good job title:

  • It is a reflection of a job and duties performed by candidates
  • It shows the rank in the list of other jobs in the corporation
  • It doesn’t magnify the significance of the position
  • It should be free of any signs pointing at gender, race, social status, etc.
  • It is good for recruitment searching (in most online job searches; it is the heart of search)

An easy and understandable example of a title is ‘Customer Service Representative’. The worst title of this position is ‘Manager on communication with customers’. The second variant is too wide and contains unnecessary information.

Listing Your Duties

This section of a job resume is requested to represent your duties and responsibilities for the job position. It is better to apply percentage in order to make the diversity clear (phone calls 20%, mailing 40%, etc.). Descriptions should contain no more than 2 sentences of information.

Try to describe as briefly as possible. You do not want it to become your biography, do you?

Do not concentrate on every task of your position, even if you were an ‘all-around’ worker. Place ten of them as a maximum.


Advice About Skills and Competencies

You should differ these two concepts in your resume job description. Skills are a kind of actions every candidate knows how to perform due to his or her former learning. Competencies are the activities and traits you are expected to show on a new job position. A skill is a possibility to give speeches. It can be obtained with rhetorics studying.

Do You Need to Include Relationships?

Try to note the relationships of work in your job resume. Writing about reporting lines will clarify the relationship between your former position and other jobs in the corporation. It makes an employer to find the structure of a company and how your job was important there.

The working relationships are the people a candidate managed to work with. In the application, it is a good move to give a number of such people and a brief description of a department.

Don’t Forget to Mention Salary

Do not be too exact with salary. Write about its range and include it in the job description in order to comprise with similar positions in other organizations.

This would need to be updated from time to time when there were any changes.

Stress on Your Knowledge and Success

When the job description is being written on a page, find some ways to be more exact. Try to create sufficient statements in the resume. Point out achievements with necessary details. Watch for the proper usage of articles and auxiliary words. Start every passage with a verb. Be certain to use the so-called strong words. They are able to show your significant positive effect applied to work during the interview.

Including keywords can be vital. Specific terms and phrases help an HR manager to seek for the resumes. You can learn how to use keywords in order to promote your application from the Internet.

Every scan applied to various job databases is special. Employers seek for top resumes containing the highest ratio of keywords.

A keyword is mostly a noun, (“customer service” or “logical thinking.”) For a more effective match, be specific, try to use them many times and be confident to spread them equally through the current resume.


Consider What To Add

A resume isn’t a list of results of work history. There is no need for putting every day and the peculiarity of your former position. Guess which piece of relevant information is significant for a potential employer. Will these tips guide the manager to the conclusion that you are the best person to interview?

There is no need to mind every task you have ever fulfilled in the job resume. Gather and cover similar responsibilities. Instead of listing "Phone answers" and "Replies to customers’ emails" in several bullet points, make a combination of these statements: "Solved professional problems via telephone, email, and online chat in the office."

Think about Priority Of The Info of Job Description

Consider what information to provide in every quick sentence. Write about things having a great interest. The resume could share an experience in retailing, a half of seekers’ time conducting sales, and the second half was taken by a design of new windows.

Things that are prior to the future employer, have to be listed primarily. See sample 1 to see how you can do it.

Turn Your Accomplishments into Numerals

Try to put as many quantities as possible (number, special signs of present, currency, etc. are useful). A statement saying "Succeeded in 35% annual growth" gives more impression than concise one that says "Made a company grow." Almost everything in your life can be reflected by using a number system.

A waiter can start with the passage "Served customers and based dishes." In a thoughtful resume one will do it in another way: "Helped customers in a 100-seat cafe". This statement gives more information and looks more professional. Learn the second example.

Accomplishments are More Important Than Responsibilities

It's vital among CEOs to know that you have got enough experience to obtain the desired job. Your competitors will have it as well. Make an emphasis on how you managed to add value to the company. Concentrate on accomplishments, instead of tracking responsibilities.

When in the resume there is a need to show your accomplishments, numbers can do much. Some context needs to be provided as well. It is good to mention something like this: "The revenue was increased by 60%, after 2 years of resources sale optimization."

Forget about such phrase as "Helped customers and answered phone calls". It is better to demonstrate this "Solved problems of customers, answering about 10 calls every hour. Became a real team playing person because of resolving the toughest calls together".

It is essential to keep everything in the resume short. Adding descriptive information about your tasks can help an interviewer to conclude that you'd be a good match. See example 3 to understand what we are talking about.

Examples of a Resume Job Description

job description

Every resume is unique. In spite of its utility, it can contain different info. Look through these examples and use them as templates:

  1. Sales Associate, Some Retailing Company, City, State, Month and Year Employed - Present
  • Worked on a window design with coloring as a priority
  • Took part in the creation of displays and small items which resulted in 30% increase in sales
  • Considered organization of space and paid attention to the latest merchandise
  • Was awarded the status of the employee of a month twice, used communicative skills to interact with clients

Highlight the qualifications you consider to be the most actual. Devote them the prior place in the description.

  1. Waiter

McDonald’s Restaurant, City, State
Month and Year Employed - Present

  • Conducted dining service to clients in a 100-seat restaurant
  • Served meals, based dishes, cleaned the establishment and provided up to 50 customers with support
  • Conducted 10 guides to the new staff concerning policy, regulations and the customer service system

Every employer likes numbers. It's much easier to look at numerals than to read words.

  1. Customer Service Representative, Company, Month and Year Employed - Month and Year Unemployed
  • With about 300 calls a week and 130 emails answered I managed to gain 99% customer happiness ratio
  • Excellent knowledge of regulations and perfect attitude allowed me being promoted to the ‘best worker of the month’ award four times in a row

Recruiters are interested in your achievements. Turn them to be simple to read by applying numerals and percentages.

How to Make Everything Perfect?

With the rules, tips, and examples above, now you know how to make a promoting list of your former work experience. Do not worry if you think that your previous positions were not significant. Every job has got its pros and cons and it is up to you what to highlight. Focus on the strongest points and always keep in mind what is expected from a perfect employee by the hiring company.

Consider every interview as a sales deal. You need to promote you and your free time like they do it in advertisements. They never stress the weak points of goods, do they?