Writing An Internship Cover Letter

Writing An Internship Cover Letter

When it comes to vacancies, especially the most rewarding and satisfying ones, the employer receives an abundance of applications. Selecting one or a limited number of candidates is an important choice. Thus, employers often require a small statement from an applicant called a cover letter for internship. At first glance, it seems like a piece of cake to write it. When you get to it, a lot of questions appear. It is crucial to realize the value of this letter and its influence on your career. 

If you are writing a letter for an internship, it means you have no or limited experience in the field. Your task is to show the recruiter, and whoever is conducting your interview later, that you are their future employee. The letter for internship is a laconic and persuasive piece of writing that includes all your qualification descriptions, relevant experience, and motivation. 

Tips for Writing an Internship Cover Letter

There are a million ways to describe yourself in the best light possible. Writing a cover letter is the time to collect all your achievements and deliver them to the employer. Assuming you gathered all the information on your education, extracurriculars, and hobbies. All the information should now be divided into categories and presented in proper paragraphs. The goal is to provide the resume and emphasize the skills you have that match the job description. The tip here is to stay honest. If you, for example, have bad time -management skills, do not mention it in your letter at all. 

Use Business Letter Format

A lot like in academic writing, an internship cover letter has a formatting style. Stick to the rules of business letter writing. Besides, the language style should be formal. It is vital when you write the greetings section. Remember that you are not addressing a friend, but potential higher management. The structure of the text should still be logical, presented in paragraphs, and easy to read. 

State the exact role you’re applying for

It is recommended to open the letter with the sentence that includes the name of the job position. It exhibits your interest in this particular job. As you may know, many candidates apply for a couple of positions and their applications are very universal. If the candidate has serious intentions, the cover letter is customized. If you plan to land the job, highlight your motivation to work for that specific company. 

Use the right keywords

The hiring manager and employer are looking through the candidate profiles briefly to identify the key skills and features that a candidate has. In cases when a list of candidates is long they will be scanning the documents, not carefully researching them. For that, it is vital to compile a list of certifications and skills a perfect candidate should have. As soon as you have the list, select the skills you possess and showcase them in your cover letter. If you feel like there is a gap in your qualifications, you can always compensate for it with the skills. Identify the pressing needs of the company and point out your abilities to work on them. 

Include relevant coursework

Practical skills are often more valued than certifications. However, it might be the case that you are a beginner and have a lack of experience. There is a way to work around it. Mention the activities, courses, researches, papers, and scholarships you completed during your studies. For sure, you are not a certified professional but all relevant to the job educational experience works. 

List your relevant skills

Based on your work and educational experience compile a list of skills you acquired. Let’s take the position of an Assistant in the event planning company. If you have any experience in arranging school trips, celebrations, college parties, you can include it in your letter. Although it is not working experience, it is relevant to the industry skill. 

Explain why you’re a good fit for the role

Out of the several reasons you have to apply for an internship, you need to pick one or two that your future employer wants to hear. The company wants to know how they can benefit from employing you. 

Describe what you would gain from the internship

Include two or three sentences on how your education and current experience can be enriched with the internship. Dwell on the skills you want to acquire and master. Mention your gratitude for the time spent on reading your profile. Even the application of an entry-level candidate can win when delivered correctly. 

Review your cover letter before sending

Proofreading the paper for typos and other mistakes is the last but not least you need to do. The letter displays your level of responsibility. Plan enough time for editing and proofreading the letter and ask for professional help if possible or use some reliable source to find a cover letter template. 

Cover Letter for an Internship Sample


HR Manager 

Event Company Inc.  

Jones Street, 121

New York

June 12, 2020

Dear Mr. Gratton,

I am writing to submit my application for the summer internship role with your event company. Your company is of particular interest to me and I have been following it on social media. I received a notification about the internship opening. 

My major is marketing and advertising. I am graduating next year. I am looking for the practical implementation of the skills I acquired during my studies. I believe the internship with your company will be beneficial for me. Within the four years of studying, I have been actively cooperating with the student welfare department. I have experience organizing debates, meetings, celebrations, and trips. For the last two summers, I was a volunteer helping student administration manage student living arrangements and freshmen adjustment. My duties covered everything from logistics to communication matters. 

I have a volunteering experience in a local homeless shelter. My duties there covered organizing the meetings with other volunteers and distributing the tasks.

I am planning to work for an event agency after my graduation. Hence, the internship with your company would give me the needed boost in practical skills. I am resilient to stress, used to working overtime and under pressure. 

I hope to meet in person to discuss the possibility of our future cooperation. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 


Sam Smith