The Secret of Writing a Good Cover Letter for Teachers with Examples

The Secret of Writing a Good Cover Letter for Teachers with Examples

Are you looking forward to getting a job at the school? Is teaching more than a profession for you? Is it your calling, candidate? Do you love getting and sharing life experience with students? If at least one answer is yes, you need a good teacher CV. Irrespectively of making or ordering it, to get a position, you’ll also need a comprehensive cover letter for teachers.

According to stats, each year every school gets at least 10 CVs. A cover text with thoroughly described skills and background can lift the scales in your favor. After the examination of tons of CVs, letters, and examples it is possible to construct a formula of a perfect cover letter for teachers that can win the hearts of employers. Look through these tips and increase your chances of turning a classroom into your new workplace.

This article describes how to compose a cover letter for teachers. Learn what you have to do before writing and what information should be placed there. Read about the skills to mention if you want to apply for a teaching position at a school. Get a job and amaze your students with your experience.

Prewriting Stage

Before sitting down and having your cover letter done, you have to perform several important actions that will make it easier. This is your brief ‘to do’ list:

  1. Save much time. Cover letters are not papers to be written within an hour. Try to find enough time to gather information and to write a cover text for each school you are trying to get into. Start your cover document at least two days before the estimated date of application.
  2. Decide what gets into the CV and what can be mentioned in a cover letter. These documents are connected with each other. They are not the same. A CV is a brief history of your job experience and skills, and a cover letter is a document describing your willingness to get a particular position. Try not to duplicate much information in both texts. By the way, these documents can be ordered here, if you do not have much time to write or just are not sure about your skills.
  3. Gather your references. Having people who can prove your achievements and describe you a good professional is essential to success. References must be relevant to your desired job offer. Try to gather people related to teaching somehow around you. If you have just graduated, ask some professors from college or university to help you out.
  4. A lot of successful examples of cover letters can be similar. They are unique. If you do not want to get jobs, there is nothing easier than sending one cover letter to all the offers you are applying for. There are several reasons to sound these statements. There are no two absolutely similar schools; each has own requirements and traditions.  Your teacher CV and cover text can be shared somehow or get into one base.

Teacher Cover Letter Writing Tips

Here are some useful tips and a guide that will help out with proper writing:

  • Note that a high or elementary school, college, language courses, and other educational facilities differ much. Keep in mind their main distinctive features. Have appropriate and relevant experience. Remember, working in an elementary school for teachers can be way stricter than working in a university.
  • Do not hesitate to make a call and learn a full name of a person who will probably read your application through. Do not do it if they mention ‘no phone calls’ in the job offer.
  • Writing a teacher cover text, always keep in mind a specific job description. Your text is a response to it, so make it actual. Try to mention the qualifications needed to occupy the particular position.
  • It is important to give proofs for your words. Be ready to attach a higher education diploma, certificates or similar documents or describe the real-life experience of working with children/ achieving an education goal. Never lie in the cover letter or resume.
  • To show that you are enthusiastic about working at a particular establishment, learn everything about its achievements. In the text, you can tell how you were amazed by ‘The best elementary school of the state’.
  • Sometimes your final points will be increased if you show that you are not only a good teacher. Mention what work you have done outside the classroom. Have you arranged contests or scientific fairs? It is a very time to show your organization skills.
  • Do not hesitate to use lists. They make reading easier and a little bit more interactive. Search more tricks of easy reading and don’t stand against the utility of the text.
  • If you do not feel you can do it, do not hesitate to use the Internet. There you can find letter examples for teachers or even buy a perfect text written by professional writers.

Cover Letter Structure

The popular cover letter advice for teachers you can find on the Internet tells that it should be a very brief cover document. Even one page of text can be excessive. Let’s learn the purposes of each paragraph separately:

The First Paragraph. The main goal of this part is catching the reader’s attention. A don, administrator or HR manager may get tons of similar letters per day, so it is important. Mention the information about an educational establishment which interests you. Explain why you are writing this letter. Do not forget to tell where you have met a particular job offer. Briefly describe why you can be the best candidate (no more than 3 qualifications/skills).

The Second Paragraph. This part is about proving you are the best person they can find for hiring. Describe the contribution you can make to the school. Mention some successful times of your career, provide a reader with examples of applying the skills you have just mentioned. This is the biggest part of your letter.

Final Paragraph. This part should wrap up your letter and provide a reader with a sort of conclusion. Remind him/her about your interest in the position. Do not forget to appreciate your reader’s attention. Write down your contact information and show the willingness to continue the dialog during the interview.

At the end of the text leave a signature and the current date. If the letter is submitted electronically, include an electronic signature.

Always keep it tidy. Apply all standard writing regulations:

  • Try to make short sentences.
  • It is better to divide huge paragraphs.
  • Use only classic fonts and styling. Do not conduct experiments.
  • Leave some free spaces between cover letter parts.

Cover Letter Template

Here are a brief plan and a template of a cover letter. You can use it to make your own cover letter samples for teachers.

If you know exactly who you are sending your cover letter to, it is advisable to underline his/her full name and position in headlines. Start your letter with proper greetings:

  • Dear Sir/Madam.
  • Dear Mr. or Ms. (Last Name).
  • Dear Sirs/Messrs.
  • Dear Administrator.

Then mention the position you are applying for. Tell how you know about it. If you want, add some words honoring the school (success, leadership, innovations, stability, etc.).

  • Your school is interesting because…
  • Your school is known to be a leader in…
  • Recently I have seen a job offer to get a position…

Tell why you paid attention to this school and why you are willing to become a part of a team. You can make an accent on your professional achievements, experience or skills.

  • I can describe myself as…
  • I have … years of experience in teaching … school/college/university student.
  • I am good at…

In the next paragraph do not forget to mention your appreciation concerning the reader’s time and attention he or she shows to your appeal.

  • Thank You for sparing time to read my letter.
  • Thank You for attention to my personality.
  • I will be grateful if you are able to call me back.
  • I can attend an interview any comfortable time.
  • If you have questions, please contact me.

Do not forget to mention your attached CV:

  • I attach my CV to this letter.
  • You can find more detailed information about me in the attached files.

It is better to finish a letter with such words:

  • Sincerely Yours,

Full Name, Phone, Address.

  • Best Regards,

Full Name, Phone, Address.

Cover Letter Example

Full Name of Addressee



Location, District

Postal Address

Dear Mr./Ms. (Second Name),

I would like to place my application to get a teaching position in your middle school. I got learned about it on your website. Your school is a known leader in biology among all the middle schools of the state. I was amazed by the achievements of your football team. Being a graduate from (college/university), I am experienced in teaching fifth-seventh grade students. Independently from classroom work, I had been organizing scientific contests during three years in a row at my previous school.

I believe that my experience, innovative approach to children and studying will do well in your school. My aim is to promote the scientific success of (school name) to the national level by winning local and national learning contests and tests. I have gained vital experience in such activities and can offer you several plans for development in this sphere.

I appreciate your time and attention. I will gladly meet you at the interview to enrich our dialog. I have attached my CV. In it, you can find information about my work experience and achievements. I am eager to hear from you soon.

Sincerely Yours,

John Doe


[email protected]

Date                                                                                                             Signature