How to Write a Relevant Coursework on Resume?

How to Write a Relevant Coursework on Resume?

Should students list relevant coursework on a resume? There are hot debates whether to put related courses on your professional resume while applying for a job. Take your education achievements and courses for example. Would you rather list your bachelor’s degree within the right section and determine other specific details to write about in CVs to impress potential employers and get future interviews? What does your business employer may want to find on your resume to give you the desired position?

A recent graduate or a student may not have enough working experience or work history to describe in resumes. How to strengthen your relevant coursework CV? Emphasize your related courses, like other college or high school knowledge, GPA scores, and other basic information (your address, email). Consider top tips and don'ts! And - check out a relevant coursework on resume example at the end of this article! 

Relevant coursework resume FAQ

What position do you want to get?

Start by considering your desirable position because some open vacancies in any business have certain educational requirements where all applicants may have similar educational backgrounds and even come from the same university! Others have fewer requirements.

Before you choose your relevant coursework resume, determine whether your educational backgrounds and skills really matter. Many career positions can make your relevant coursework resume hard to write. That’s because they have their huge list of required job qualifications.

How much working experience do you have?

Do you have the job experience necessary to convince potential employers or hiring managers that you’re their best candidate for a given job listing? It’s another question that you should answer.

If you belong to recent graduates, chances are that you have either no or only little relevant job experience to impress bosses. That’s why you have only two available options. Add your related courses to increase your credibility or submit your CV with no real job experience. The first option is your better choice. Use a relevant coursework on resume example to demonstrate your competence or show talents in your chosen area of expertise. Coursework isn’t equivalent to any hands-on experience, but it can be enough to get future interviews if other sections impress potential employers. Your CV must secure future interviews.

Did you have any online courses?

Even though employers value previous work experience much, it’s not the only thing they’ll be looking at on your resume. It can be a difficult task to set yourself apart from the crowd, but showcasing your completion of relevant online courses is a great starting point. Why? Cause - It displays a relevant set of skills.

Applicants often struggle to convey what they can actually do for a company. Speaking confidently about a skillset that you’ve developed can help guide interviewers in the right direction. Whether your expertise lies in social media, graphic design, or online courses on your CV provides a clear-cut example of what you know and what you can get done.

5 Things to Include on your Resume

If you have no work experience and search for good jobs in marketing, science, or other fields, focus on your related courses to submit a winning CV. Use helpful tips on how to list college courses on resume and write other important sections because they can guide you to success.


Choose the right place for your courses to save time. List it near the top when applying for any positions that emphasize different educational achievements or successes. If they rely on related experiences and skills, include these important details in your skills section to attract hiring managers’ attention. Other jobs require including them in your education section.

  1. Ensure that your courses are relevant to the chosen position because listing irrelevant classes can break your chances to succeed.
  2. Include your high GPA or academic awards.
  3. Add different extracurricular activities, special projects, or volunteer work to showcase your related skills and impress recruiters who offer job interviews.
  4. Write about online courses too.
  5. Include related keywords from job postings to reinforce included coursework data and increase chances for your CV to attract employers’ attention fast.

Possible ways to list relevant coursework on your resumes

There are different ways that you can use to list relevant coursework on your resume. Make your choice based on needs. If you have some working experiences and only want to bolster credentials, you can approach this information simply, while all recent graduates need to spend more time to emphasize its important role. Your relevant coursework is appropriate in resumes when listing all program courses.

  • When your CV includes related working experiences, feel free to include your coursework in this section without writing down many details.
  • Recent graduates have no relevant experience. That’s why their resumes should emphasize education over job experiences.

How to include coursework in your student CV

  • Include related courses in a special section if they’re directly relevant to your possible position in the future. When applying for any paralegal’s work, you should include any classes related to politics or law.
  • Include relevant academic projects. If you’ve completed different research projects, and they’re related to your chosen career path, include them in your resumes. When applying for any job involving research, they’ll come in handy.
  • Include your extracurricular activities. If you took part in any clubs or sports where you succeeded to develop related skills, include them in your CV to sound more impressive. You can either include a separate section or highlight these activities in the broader one.
  • Include your volunteer experiences. They can make really great additions to professional resumes, though that work has no payment. Teacher assistants have volunteer tutoring experiences. Use keywords in all descriptions to describe your achievements and responsibilities to prove that you’re the best fit of potential employers.
  • Use a single-column or a multi-column format: the single-column format looks similar to the education section on your resume, simply displaying your relevant coursework in list form or you can also group the columns into sections if the job you’re applying to requires expertise in multiple fields.

Relevant coursework can make a huge difference in your success

Many job applicants worry about listing related courses on their resumes. This information can be crucial to introduce yourself to become the best candidate. Include it in your CVs because your educational awards and achievements can help you beat competitions and stand out. To sum it all up:

  • Listing relevant coursework on your resume is optional.
  • It really is important to put relevant coursework on a student type or an entry-level resume types.
  • If you have at least one year of experience, drop relevant coursework from your resume entirely, and focus on tailoring the job description and key skills sections.
  • Think about creating a dedicated relevant coursework section if the position you're applying for requires strong academic background.
  • Also - do remember that relevance is the keyword. So don't list coursework when applying for positions that don't require it.

EXAMPLE Resume with Relevant Coursework Listed on

James Jameson

1234 Nobel Drive #567
La Jolla, CA 92914
(858) 555-1234
[email protected]


B.A., Anthropology (Concentration in Archaeology) 

   Associate in Arts, Spanish

UC San Diego, Current GPA: 3.46

   San Diego Mesa Community College

Expected Graduation Date: 6/20XX

   Graduation Date: 5/20XX


  • Foundations of Archaeology
  • Language, Identity and Community
  • World Pre-History
  • Ethnography & Archaeology
  • Indigenous Peoples of North America
  • Mexican Culture & Society


  • Demonstrated experience in preparing monitoring reports and cultural resource technical reports 
  • Outstanding communication skills obtained through professional internships and community service
  • Knowledge of the National Environmental Policy Act and California Environmental Quality Act
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook


Intern, AECOM, Inc., San Diego, CA  (3/20XX - present)

  • Provide administrative support to the cultural resource group with literature record and archival research
  • Assist resource group leader with technical report writing by collecting and organizing information
  • Conduct fieldwork surveys, test excavation, data recovery and monitoring with field managers and crews
  • Support artifact analysis by gathering data from archaeologists, architectural historians and field technicians

Student Fellowship, San Diego Zoo – Institute for Conservation Research, San Diego, CA (7/20XX-8/20XX)

  • Monitored social behavioral activities on giant pandas and polar bears by using ethnogram and data protocols
  • Collected, organized and summarized information for research staff by entering data into Microsoft Excel

Project Archaeology Volunteer – San Diego Archaeological Center, Escondido, CA (2/20XX - 5/20XX)

  • Assisted education department in developing curriculum for archaeology and heritage education program
  • Handled and answered a variety of questions students posed during instructional and lab analysis lessons
  • Instructed, motivated, observed and evaluated students on experimental archaeology projects in the center


Activities Coordinator, UCSD Anthropology Club, La Jolla, CA (12/20XX – present)

  • Assessed needs and coordinated related career exploration activities and tours of local zoo and museum
  • Collaborated with the UCSD Career Services Center in organizing an anthropology professionals pane

Cultural Affairs Chair, Associated Students – Mesa Community College, San Diego, CA (9/20XX - 5/20XX)

  • Led 8-member committee on planning and promoting cultural awareness activities for campus community
  • Increased understanding of multicultural perspective of Associated Students members through workshops


Customer Service Associate, Target – Chula Vista, CA (7/20XX – present)

Participant, iLead Program, Center for Communication & Leadership (3/20XX -6/20XX)