How to write a Dutch CV

How to write a Dutch CV

How to write a Dutch CV

If you have decided to apply to a university abroad, you will need to write a brief description of yourself in a CV.

A CV (Curriculum Vitae), as the Dutch prefer to call it, is a standard step when applying to study in the Netherlands. The general requirements for how and what a CV should say are the same in most countries and are standard. However, the mentality and attitudes towards the work process in each particular country has its own peculiarities, which should be taken into account when writing a resume for a foreign university.

As in most countries, in Holland in a resume accepted to write about education, work experience, if any, knowledge of foreign languages, professional merits and qualities, as well as personal character traits, goals and interests.

In Holland, it is common practice to write a standard European resume, so if you are creative or humorous, your resume is unlikely to be understood by the Dutch.

You can feel free to write about all your positive personal and professional qualities on your resume. The Dutch also like to see you as a versatile person, so they will always be interested in your resume if you put a brief summary of your hobbies and interests.

Also, keep in mind that ideally your resume should not exceed two pages of A4. You can find practical advice on writing your resume on the website of educational agencies and educational portals abroad.

As you prepare to go to a Dutch university or find active vacancies in Holland, you should study the mentality, traditions, and culture of the Dutch people.