How to List Freelance Work on Resume to Make It Accomplished?

How to List Freelance Work on Resume to Make It Accomplished?

Some experts would argue that a resume is just obsolete when it comes to self-employment. They believe that a portfolio is a better argument to get a job offer. However, in the modern world, having a CV with all your working experience and skills listed there is never a superfluous thing to have. But how to list freelance work on a resume? How can a freelancer benefit from having a CV? Let us get all this straightened out.

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Why does a freelancer need a resume?

Although there are many cases when an employer doesn’t ask you to provide a CV, there are still situations when you need to send a CV in order to land a job offer. Not to miss out on this opportunity, it is always better to have an in-depth resume at hand. Even if you do not use your freelance resume for each potential client, it is still better to be prepared and have one ready, in case you need it.

The only reason why lovers of any-time jobs do not want to create a CV is because formulating a sample of freelance resume job description can be a challenge. Most CV formats are designed for the “traditional” use, and it can be difficult to fit a freelancer’s career into the structure of a standard CV.

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You are good as a freelancer and have a lot of orders. And so far, no one has asked you to provide a CV. That’s just great! But it doesn’t mean that no one will request your CV in the future. Now is the time to update a resume and add your freelance projects before someone asks about it. You will not have to spend several days under pressure to create this precious document. It’s better to have it ready-made at hand and remember how to list freelance work on a resume for multiple employers. 

Here are some common scenarios when a freelancer may need a CV:

  • You are applying for a project at a large company. In such cases, freelancers are asked to provide a resume. A large company is also likely to use the Candidate Tracking System (ATS) to select the most fitting CV.
  • You apply for work through an agency. If you are looking for work through third parties, such as agencies or independent human resource managers, they can ask for your CV to find you the best fitting options.
  • If you are returning to the “traditional” office work, your resume remains the foundation of the search for traditional employment. If you have been freelancing for a long time and looking for an in-house position, creating a CV covering all your experience can be difficult, but it should be done.
  • You are applying for a professional license or certificate. In some fields, you may need to upload a resume in order to obtain the needed document. Even if you are not directly asked about the CV, it is better to send it.
  • A client may also request a CV. All customers are different. Many will be happy to review the portfolio. However, there are also those who insist on having a CV. And it is just a pity to skip a project just because you do not provide the client with the information the one requested.

It is important to remember that a resume does not replace a portfolio; a CV rather complements it. So be sure to add a link to your portfolio in your CV. If you have how it should look like, you can always check the freelance resume job description sample.

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How to list freelance work on a resume?

Self-employers usually don’t create resumes because it can be difficult to figure out how to include freelance work in a CV. Here are some common questions that freelancers have when creating a CV:

  • What position to indicate?
  • Should a list of freelance customers be specified by name or as a separate work place?
  • How many details about freelance projects should be provided?
  • Should a link to a website or an online portfolio be provided?
  • How to list freelance experience if it is combined with the main job? Should both jobs be included?
  • How should a CV be formatted?

Let’s dig deeper into all these questions so that you have an idea of a freelance resume sample to a job description.

1. Position

Since you are a freelancer, your clients do not provide you with a specific position. It is up to you to decide. What’s important here is to list your field of responsibility, tasks you worked on, and the problems you have solved.

2. Freelancer customer list

Should you list your customers by name? If you had many customers, do you need to list each of them separately? There are no rules. If you have done a lot of work as a freelancer, you don’t have to list each individual client you have worked for. It’s better to emphasize the projects you have done to famous companies and brands. When indicating a client, make sure that you have a contact person in this company who can become your good reference source. 

3. Details to provide

Limit yourself to a one-sentence description for each freelance project on your list. Use keywords and terms that highlight your skills and experience. Focus on achievements. 

4. Portfolio

As a professional freelancer, you most likely have an online portfolio or website that you can share in your resume. You may also wish to include links to your accounts on social networks such as LinkedIn for quick contact with you. That is always a good idea.

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Secrets of adding self-employment experience to a CV

When creating a resume, freelancers face the same difficulties. As a freelancer, you may think that you do not need a CV as it is and that having a portfolio is enough in order to get a job. However, it doesn’t matter whether you want to work as a freelancer or to get an in-office job offer, it is career advice to update your freelance CV.

In case you still have any questions, we will guide you on how to list self-employment on a resume in the most effective way to impress an employer with your professional skills and experience.